Marketing plans based on usage to help you grow.

Marketing Automation

Affordable plans priced per user, for small and medium businesses.


Send templated sales emails. Collaborate on messaging strategy.

Sales Communication Tools

Protect sensitive customer data.

Collaborate Securely

Track business opportunities visually through custom deal workflows.

Deal Tracking

Tools to keep on top of day-to-day customer interactions. 

Keep Organized

Build the CRM your business needs. Easily.


Create marketing campaigns that work for a variety of scenarios.

Marketing Campaigns

Create kanban-style boards to track client work visually through your custom workflow.

Job Tracking

Manage Leads, Business Contacts, Companies for B2C and B2B.

Contact Management

Keep customers engaged with your brand.

Email Builder

Billing FAQs

How does billing work?

BlueSail CRM is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution provider that provides CRM and Marketing Automation services. We offer affordable plans to address the needs of small-businesses, billed monthly, with no contracts or long-term commitments required.

Our CRM service is priced per user. Each active 'CRM user' is billed according the fixed rates detailed here, starting at only $19 per user per month.

Additionally, we offer an add-on Marketing Automation service, with affordable pricing based on usage, as detailed here, starting at only $9 per month.

When does billing occur?

BlueSail CRM offers simple month-to-month billing, and each month is prepaid in advance.


This means:

  • Once you upgrade your free trial, you will receive an initial prorated charge to cover the end of the month.

  • On the 1st of each month, you will prepay that month's subscription, according to the active plan level.

Who can make account changes?

The first user for a company is designated in the system as the Principal User. A company can have many Admin users, but only one Principal User. This Principal User has overall financial and account responsibility (e.g. to make changes including closing the account).

The Principal User can only be changed by contacting and going through a security review of the change request, in order to protect your account.

How can I upgrade or cancel my service?

BlueSail CRM offers a monthly prepaid service for businesses. You can cancel your service by going to the Account & Billing section and changing the CRM Plan to 'Cancel'.

If you request cancellation, your service will remain active through the prepaid monthly period, after which it will be disabled in the system.

IMPORTANT: once your service is cancelled at the end of the month, the data will no longer be available to you, and will automatically be deleted from our systems as part of routine maintenance. If you need the data you should export it before your subscription period ends.

Do you pro-rate monthly fees?

We understand that your CRM needs can change at anytime (users can be added or disabled from the system), and we try to adjust for these in your monthly bill.


To simplify billing, we consider users that are active for at least half the month as billable for that month. These adjustments will be reflected as part of monthly bill you receive.

How many users do I get billed for?

CRM billing is based on the number of active (i.e. non-disabled) CRM users. The billing screen shows you how many active users you have at any given time.

Please note that accounts that are locked-out are still counted as active users from a billing perspective. To stop billing for a user, the user account can be disabled (to preserve data history) or deleted in the User Admin screen.

How can I contact billing?

As the Principal User, you can email at any time for billing questions. You can also request a call back during our normal business hours (9am - 6pm ET Mon - Fri).