Marketing plans based on usage to help you grow.

Marketing Automation

Affordable plans priced per user, for small and medium businesses.


Send templated sales emails. Collaborate on messaging strategy.

Sales Communication Tools

Protect sensitive customer data.

Collaborate Securely

Track business opportunities visually through custom deal workflows.

Deal Tracking

Tools to keep on top of day-to-day customer interactions. 

Keep Organized

Build the CRM your business needs. Easily.


Create marketing campaigns that work for a variety of scenarios.

Marketing Campaigns

Create kanban-style boards to track client work visually through your custom workflow.

Job Tracking

Manage Leads, Business Contacts, Companies for B2C and B2B.

Contact Management

Keep customers engaged with your brand.

Email Builder

Share data in a way that works for your business needs

Collaborate Securely

With powerful tools to let teams work collaboratively, while restricting data access as necessary.​

Protect sensitive customer information

Role-based access

  • ​Create custom user roles to define the level of access to application functionality and data.

  • Create roles that map to actual job responsibilities e.g. sales representatives, sales managers, and executives.

  • Create teams to easily manage which users should share data with each other.

  • Setup team cross-sharing rules to determine which teams share data with each other.

Team-based data sharing

Manage access down to the individual record level

  • Rely on default team plus role-based access to minimize effort.

  • Use fine-grained controls when desired to override access to specific records.

Make Your Business Sail

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