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Works for B2B and B2C

  • Easily track your prospects and customer, regardless of whether you doing B2B, B2C, or a mix of both.

  • ​Tools to help you easily see the relationships between contacts vs other contacts, and contacts vs companies.

Activity Tracking

  • Create a Unified Customer View of all your team's interactions with the customer.

  • Sync email interactions using G Suite, so your CRM keeps important customer information in one place.

  • Log notes, calls, meetings to record important takeaways from each interaction.

Lead Tracking

  • Manage leads on their journey to becoming customers.

  • Easily customize the CRM to create to reflect your business' sales life-cycle and customer outreach process.


Close more deals.

Beyond helping you see the big picture, BlueSail comes with a range of features to help you stay-on-top:

  • Dashboards

  • Notification alerts

  • Customize data fields to capture data that's uniquely relevant to your deals

  • Create custom filters to hone in important deals.