A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform can improve customer relationships through basic productivity tools including:


  • Lead Tracking / Contact Management (B2C and B2B). 

  • Customer Activity Tracking for Sales and Customer Service activities.

  • Follow-up Tracking to assist with Sales and Customer Service day-to-day customer interactions.

  • Deal Tracking to support Sales and Business Development goals.

  • Job Tracking to help your Service Delivery team track client deliverables.


A CRM can help support high-level business objectives and strategy including:

  • Help you again customer insights that could help you ultimately improve profitability.

  • Improve the overall customer experience (CX).

  • Provide decision support information, including sales metrics through dashboards and reports.


CRMs are also foundational for other critical business activities such as Marketing, which is why BlueSail CRM also offers a fully integrated Marketing Automation solution.

How can a CRM help my business?

If you're not using a CRM, you may notice:

  • Poor customer interactions because sales / service teams don't have an effective way to share information.

  • Business opportunities being missed because of a lack of visibility and focus on the sales pipeline.

  • Lack of follow through to nurture business relationships.

  • Business owners / executives unable to pinpoint what's going wrong in the sales process due to lack of visibility on key sales activities.

BlueSail CRM is committed to helping your business grow by providing the tools to eliminate challenges like these.

What business problems can occur without a CRM?