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Create separate service boards for each workflow

  • Since service delivery processes can vary, you can create service boards that represent each unique workflow.

  • Customize the stages in each board to suit.

  • Powerful role-based access can ensure jobs are only visible to those that need it.

Easy to customize

  • Easily modify pipeline stages with drag-and-drop ease.

  • Rename, sort, or add stages, as shown.

  • ​Create a custom deal-tracking process in minutes.

Visually manage client work

  • View and manage your jobs on a kanban board.

  • Drag-and-drop jobs as they progress through stages of the service delivery process.


Keep customers happy.

Beyond helping you see the big picture, BlueSail comes with a range of features to help you stay-on-top:

  • Dashboards and reports

  • Notification alerts

  • Custom data fields to capture data that's relevant to your client work deliverables.