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Create marketing campaigns that work for a variety of scenarios

Marketing Campaigns

Create segments of contacts that you want to target in your marketing campaigns.

Segments can be filtered based on contact information, tags, and even custom data fields you've created in the CRM.

Segments can be simple or handle complex criteria.

Create marketing segments

for targeted communications

One-time adhoc campaigns​.

Recurring campaigns (weekly, monthly, annually etc.).

Fixed date campaigns (seasonal or holiday events).

Custom date triggered campaigns (e.g. for appointments, birthdays etc.).

Smart campaign triggers

for any occacion

Use drip campaigns to

boost customer engagement

Automatically send an orchestrated set of emails over time.

Nurture customer interest in your brand, and avoid becoming forgotten.

Educate customers about your products / services.

Provide promotions at the optimal time individually for each customer.

Opt-in and opt-down


Stay compliant with anti-SPAM regulations, by allowing prospects to opt-out.

Let email recipients opt-down to receive select email types only.

Keep the line of communication open to prospects who would otherwise opt-out entirely.