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Make Your Business Sail

Make Your Business Sail

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Create a Seamless Online Customer Experience

Easy To Customize

built to adapt to your business workflow

Step 1. Feed lead data from your website into the CRM. 

Prospects increasingly turn to the web to find your products and services.


And once they do, they expect your personal and automated email interactions with them to be relevant, and reflect their particular interests.


We give you the tools to build a seamless customer experience, in just 3 steps...

Step 2. Empower sales to work with and enrich this customer profile data.

Easily customize your BlueSail CRM implementation to reflect your business requirements.

Capture any kind of customer data that's relevant to your sales and marketing efforts.

Empower sales to close more business with a suite of tools designed to boost productivity.

Step 3. Trigger emails that are actually of interest to your customers, using the data you collect in the CRM.

Send emails for appointment reminders, birthdays, seasonal events.

Email triggers can be any based on any customer data you collect.

Educate and inform prospects about things they've express an interest in, to improve customer conversion rates.

Do More With The Unified Platform

No costly integration between separate CRM vs. Marketing Automation systems.

Avoid risk of emails being triggered incorrectly, based on out-of-sync data.

Trigger relevant email communications based on real-time updates to your CRM data.

Works with G Suite

sync emails and meetings to let your team

collaborate on client communications