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Works with G Suite

sync emails and meetings to let your team collaborate on client communications 

Align Sales and Marketing

Everyone talks about aligning sales and marketing, but it's always been easier said than done. 



The problems start when customer data is put into different sales and marketing systems. 

Without a unified approach to managing your customer data, alignment has been more of an aspiration than a reality.

BlueSail CRM was built to solve previously intractable problems in managing your customer data...

and ultimately empowers your business with the tools to deliver a better customer experience.

Your customers expect that in-person and email interactions will be seamless.

They expect you to know them, and send only relevant emails.

Yet traditional CRMs have created IT obstacles to creating this seamless online experience.

BlueSail CRM is flexible enough to collect whatever customer data you want.

And with built-in marketing automation, it's easy to use the same data to trigger emails in an intelligent way, and create a positive customer experience.

CRM Powered Email Marketing